Thank You

Dear Rev. Dr. Eckardt, Rev. Chaplain Shaw, and fellow editors of Gottesdienst,

As I heard you read the descriptions of all of the Sabre of Boldness nominees on Thursday night, I thought to myself, “Barrenness is not such a heavy cross to bear.” I also found myself thanking God for the faithfulness of pastors who suffer persecution all around the world that women like me might continue to be comforted by Christ’s gifts in the Divine Service.

Then, you called out my name, and I was undone. I am unworthy, yet you honor me; I often fail to speak for the children frozen in time, yet you forgive me; I fear to suffer more, yet you commend me for the cross I bear. Thank you, because in giving me the Sabre of Boldness I am comforted in my childlessness and reminded that I am not alone in speaking out against the atrocities of IVF and abortion. I have the support of my pastors. I am blessed.

Thank you for your kindness to me, to my husband, and to all the women you faithfully serve in the Church. May God continue to embolden us to speak out on behalf of those who have no voice.

Lord, have mercy.

Yours in Christ,

Katie Schuermann