“Rejoice, O barren one who does not bear; Break forth and cry aloud, you who are not in labor!” Isaiah 54:1 and Galatians 4:27 (ESV)

This site was lovingly created for you, dear sister, that you might have a refuge from this world, a place to go to rest from the burden you carry day after day.

Maybe you suffer from barrenness or secondary infertility. Maybe you are struggling through the grief of a recent miscarriage. Maybe you are wrestling with the legal paperwork of an adoption or silently waiting for your foster child to bond with your family. Maybe you have lost your husband and wonder if you will ever have the chance to be a mother.

Whatever cross you carry, know that you are not alone. Jesus already carried your biggest cross, the weight of your sin, to a cursed hill where He died in your place and paid in full your debt to the Father. That same Jesus who died on a cross then rose from the dead on the third day and now lives. Because Jesus lives, we too now have the hope of being raised, not only from this veil of tears but from the grave itself!

You may feel like the world has forgotten you, but you are remembered by God, through Jesus, unto life everlasting.