Thank You, Church

I received all kinds of gifts yesterday:

  • a card from my mother,
  • multiple texts and emails from my sisters and friends to remind me that I am important in the lives of their children,
  • precious concern from a goddaughter that I might not have enough love and attention left for her if I ever have any children of my own,
  • hugs and kisses from church members,
  • and tulips, a bike ride around White Rock Lake, a trip to Central Market, a game of Trivial Pursuit, and sushi from my husband.

One gift in particular, though – a Facebook message from a brother in Christ living in Virginia – brought me a comfort and peace that surpassed all understanding: “In our prayer of the church today, we included those women who are barren and cannot have children. I whispered your name during that petition.”

Those words still move me this morning.  On Mother’s Day of all days, that secular holiday which perpetually tempts me to live the life of a hermit, someone remembered and prayed for me, Katie Schuermann, mother of none.  More than that, the whole, entire Church remembered and prayed for me.  I am not forgotten. The Church knows my cross and bears it with me before the altar of our Lord Jesus. What a gift!

Thank you, Ed.  Thank you, Church.