God’s Gift of a Spouse

In 1998, Jerome and I were married.  The Lord has blessed us greatly during the past 13 years.  We have both found suitable employment, jobs that bring us joy.  Our parents have lived within a day’s driving distance.  We’ve been able to see our families throughout the year, and there is much joy and laughter.  My husband and I have enjoyed good health; we are grateful for the Lord’s mercy in our lives.

One of the greatest blessings has been the birth of our daughter Joanna.  She is God’s gift to us, and we thank God every day for her.  Before Joanna was born, we struggled to become pregnant.  There were days of doctors’ appointments, times of waiting for test results, and numerous prayers.  I am so thankful that the Lord did not intend for me to go through this time of uncertainty alone.  There were days when I needed a shoulder upon which to cry, and Jerome was there.  There were unanswered questions, and Jerome wondered the same thing.  I was angry, and Jerome provided a listening ear.  We could lean on each other, and we did.  Hearts were opened up and poured out to each other.  My burdens became his burdens, and his became mine.  We didn’t know the Lord’s plan for our lives, and so we could do nothing but trust in His promises to provide only good things for us.  And He already had.  He had given us Himself in Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  In time, He also gave our daughter Joanna to us.

It was not through any of our good merits that the Lord provided, though.  This was His complete mercy to us.  There is nothing in me  that could have pushed the Lord to grant our wishes.  I was  conceived in sin and born sinful.  The only good that lies in me (or my husband) has come from Jesus Christ.  He has taken all of my sins and washed me clean. I now stand pure before God.

I am, however, a sinful person.  I can hear you saying, “Didn’t she just say that she is now pure?”  And you’re right.  I am pure, and I am still sinful.  I don’t know if Jerome and I will ever be parents to a second child.  I don’t know if Joanna will ever get to be a big sister.  You see, God doesn’t OWE me anything.  I’m still a sinner, in need of God’s grace and mercy.  I could pray all day, every day, and God still wouldn’t have to provide another child to my family.  I pray that God would bless us with another child, but I have no guarantee of that.

And so, I thank God for what He has already given to me.  I have His name marked on my forehead and my heart.  I have the doors of heaven open to me upon my death.  I have been given a loving husband.  God has blessed my marriage to Jerome, and I am so thankful.  The Lord has granted me a companion for life, and I am blessed.

Not everyone has received the gift of a spouse.  That does not mean God thinks any less of them, just as He doesn’t think any less of women who are barren.  It does not provide comfort to say, “Oh, the right person is out there for you yet.”  Are you really sure about that?  Do you know God’s mind?  It is better to rejoice with our single friends in the blessings God has already bestowed upon them.

God provides abundant blessings to all of His children, whether single or married.  God gives good gifts, and ONLY good gifts.