It is our privilege to pray with and for you.  If you would like to submit a personal petition to be included in our weekly prayers, please send your request via the “Submit a Question” page on this site.  

Collect of the Week: 

Let us pray…

O Almighty God, You are Greatest, both in heaven and on earth.  And yet, through your Son’s death on the cross, you made yourself low, and last, in order to save us. Guide our pastors–the men you’ve sent to shepherd Your Church–as they faithfully preach Your Word and administer Your Sacraments in the stead of Christ.  In this, send Your Spirit to turn our hearts away from our selfish family desires and to fix them on your eternal gifts.  Forgive and renew us. Lead us to Your means of grace and service to our neighbor daily, as You promised You would. In Jesus’ name. Amen.