Spring Fever

Spring fever has hit me, and here’s why.  Twice in the past several days, I’ve held a little one.  The first was a newborn.  His proud parents brought him to church, and they stayed for Bible Class.  His dear mama asked if I’d like to hold him.  There was, of course, no hesitancy on my part.  I was blessed to cradle him throughout the entire Bible class.  (Well, until he became hungry.  I got him back again, though.)  It was pure bliss for me.  I may never get to experience the newborn stage ever again.

The second opportunity came the following day.  The little sweetie’s parents took a date night, and we got to babysit their six-month-old daughter.  She smiled and grinned and even ventured a few little giggles.  Her parents returned, and you knew she was loved.  They hugged and kissed her and took her home.  A longing for a baby crept into my heart.

Spring is filled with new growth and new life. The hyacinths are blooming; the tulips and daffodils are stretching up through the ground.  New grass grows in the yard.  Calves are being born daily.  Chicks arrive at the local stores.  The photo studios are preparing for the bunnies and chicks portrait sessions.  There are lots of new things happening.

I’d like a baby.  New life brings joy and laughter.  Babies are reminders of God’s love for His people.  Babies are God’s children.  I want that.

The Lord, in His divine wisdom, has other plans for me.  He knows what  I need, and He will provide it in the proper time.  He has bestowed countless blessings already.

So, for now, I’ll enjoy the babies around me.  May God bless the springtime of their lives, too.