Father’s Day

Just because your husband may not be the father of his own children does not mean you cannot celebrate him this Sunday.

Does your husband teach Sunday school or help with the senior youth group? Does he buy ice cream for his nephews and read books to his nieces? Does he play dodgeball with rough-and-tumble sixth graders? Does he instruct his godchildren in the Way they should go?

Does he serve on the board of elders, church council, or board of trustees? Does he chaperone youth trips? Does he turn sticks into lightsabers? Does he give money to crisis pregnancy centers, school auctions, or pro-life organizations? Does he carry tired children across the State Fair grounds? Does he include his voice with all of the Church to pray?

Then, he is a father.

Go all out this year, ladies. Spoil your husbands silly. Foot rubs, massages, grilled steaks, homemade rolls, tickets to see Prometheus, the whole nine yards. Celebrate the dickens out of your guy, because he is a father to all children.