Miss Lotta

Having done my share of hosting this summer, I’ve learned some things. A household runs smoothly when everybody does their part to keep things going. I enjoyed cooking for lots of people, but that’s harder than I thought.  A large household is work. That mom has to be “on her game” all day long, with very few moments of rest.

Here is a sampling of things that the mom to multiple blessings encounters daily:

* a lotta cooking – You can’t have cereal for every meal.

* a lotta dishes

* a lotta trash

* a lotta toilet paper – Keep that door closed; there’s a toddler in the house.

* a lotta soap – hand soap, body wash, shampoo, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent

* a lotta laundry – darks, whites, colors, delicates, sheets, towels

* a lotta talking

* a lotta tears

* a lotta laughter

* a lotta hugs and kisses

I admire and love the mom, who has been given a large family. She does so much to love and care for her family each and every day. My list didn’t include dusting, sweeping, going through the mail, diaper changes, grocery shopping, putting the groceries away, reading to the children, playing with the children, prayer time, and so many other things. It’s exhausting, just pondering it.

And yet she does it because children are God’s gifts to her.

I think I’ll name my next child Lotta.