The Truth

My husband reminded me the other day that we, in our fallen state, may be barren of children in this world, but we are not barren of God’s good gifts.

Shame on me for ever thinking that God’s tender love, merciful goodness, and blessed favor could only come to me in the form of a child of my own! God has already loved me, been good to me, and perfectly shown me His favor in the gift of Jesus.

And, while we’re on the subject, there are so many other good gifts which God daily gives me like the Church, my husband, family, friends, godchildren, a home, a Honda Fit named “Sylvia,” bountiful food and plentiful water, peaceful times in which I can freely receive Christ’s gifts of Word and Sacrament in public, joy, music, kind editors, a working washer and dryer, forgiveness of my sins, health insurance, watermelon, an attached garage in urban Dallas, salvation, portable box fans, muscle cardio classes at the YMCA, and peace which surpasses all understanding, even in my childlessness.

I may be barren, but I am not barren.