A Spoonful of Sugar

I was Mary Poppins for a week.

I blew into town on a nor’easter to care for two children. I pulled excessive items out of my bag. I administered spoonfuls of sweet stuff. I rode on a carousel. I drank tea amidst lots of laughter. I sang songs with a British accent. I even said supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards.

(Oh, yes. I did.)

What a blessing and joy to be able to fly in at the drop of a hat to help out other parents in their vocations, to laugh and spin and jump and sing with little people, to hug and console and discipline in the stead of others, and to fly back out on a swift wind towards another adventure.

I always wanted to be Mary Poppins, and God, in making me barren, made it so. That definitely helps the medicine go down.