And Now A Few Words from A Sponsor

We interrupt your busy day with these words from your child’s sponsor…
some awesome kidsDear Parents of my godchildren,

I know that parenting is hard. You face short nights, piles of laundry, sinks full of dishes, homework to complete, musical instruments to practice, and much more. Even harder than that is the challenge of teaching your children the love of the Lord. The devil desperately desires to make you neglect the teaching of God’s Word to your child. He wants you to take the extra hours of sleep on Sunday morning and keep your children away from the Lord.sometimes happy, sometimes not

It brings me great joy to know that I am a sponsor/godparent to your precious child. I pray not only for your sons and daughters, but also for you. I was blessed recently to spend time with some of your precious lambs. I saw and heard them do different things:

* kneel at the rail of the Lord’s Supper to receive a blessing from the pastor

* confidently point her little finger at and say “cross”

* sweetly sing “God Loves Me Dearly” with all her heart

* fold her hands and answer a confident “Amen!” at the end of the prayer

* confess that Jesus gives good gifts when He gives babies to families

* announce that Jesus is born at Christmas

* recite the 10 Commandments without any help

the little one

These are the things that bring me joy. Actually, they bring me to tears. I know your children are being taught the fear and love of the Lord Jesus, their Savior. Well done, parents. It is my deep honor and privilege to pray daily for you and for your child. I will keep praying for your family. I will keep talking with your children about Jesus. I pray that they will always sing the praises of their Savior Jesus.boys and their toys

May God continue to bless you and your children, for God has graciously placed them into your homes and into my heart.

Love, Aunty Kristi

We now return you to your vocation of parenting.I love being a blond.