Advent Anticipation

watching and waitingFor seven years my husband and I have been watching and waiting. We began the adoption process way back in 2006 and were hopeful that our family would grow by one in the year 2008. We slowly watched the monthly calendar page turn. Then we changed the calendar to a completely new year. We have grown weary with all of the waiting.

The Lord has granted a referral for a little girl in China. We were certain that 2012 would be the year for her to join our family. However, it will not be so. Instead, the Lord is having us wait even more.

Yes, more waiting. We have been waiting on government agencies to give their approval of this match. We have been waiting for social workers to sign the appropriate papers. We have been waiting for a lot of people to do whatever their title allows them to do. Waiting is tiring.

During that time, I have grumbled and complained and blamed God too many times to count. I have been on my knees, begging Him for a child. I have longed to be on my knees, looking eye-to-eye with our new daughter. I have also been on my knees in prayer, repenting of my self-righteousness. I have been on my knees, receiving the Lord’s Body and Blood for the forgiveness of my sins.

There is a little girl who will bring joy and tears and laughter into our home. While we suffer through the long hours and days and months (and even years), we pray that we might joyfully receive this little girl. The Lord’s timing is best, even though we don’t understand it. Thus, we watch the mail and anticipate the arrival of the next official document. We wait for our social worker to tell us that we can buy our plane tickets. With joy and anticipation, we pray for our little girl, who is half a world away.

Advent is a season of watching and waiting. Christians, too, can be filled with joyful anticipation. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will return. He will take us into His arms and take us home some day. Of that we can be certain. Until then, we wait.