A Bit of Joy

Smiling CashierAs I was paying for some travel items in the store last week, the clerk asked where we were going on our trip. I replied that we were traveling to China to receive our little girl. The clerk’s face lit up. “Oh,” she squealed, “do you have a picture of her with you?” Slightly shocked, I pulled our little girl’s picture out of my purse. The clerk beamed as she looked at the picture and said, “What a sweet little girl! You be sure to bring her into the store so we can meet her, okay?” I grinned and thanked her for the congratulations.

I was caught off-guard because I’ve been reluctant to share our adoption journey with others. The process of international adoption has become so lengthy for us that every conversation surrounding adoption brought me pain. So it’s nice to receive a bit of joy, even from strangers. The clerk certainly understood the blessing of a child, even if she didn’t come right out and say so.