I sang with Renée Fleming.

I really did.

Well, okay, I and the rest of the audience.

And it may have been an encore, but still. I sang with Renée.

You know what, we can even scrap the singing part. I was in the SAME ROOM as Renée!! I sat about 150 feet away from her as she messa di voce-d the ducks out of the water on Strauss’s “Morgen!” and made even my husband tear up on “O mio babbino caro.”


I sat here. She stood there.

I sat in the same room as Renée, and this once-in-a-lifetime experience was made possible by the enterprising (a.k.a. sold some electronic equipment in order to buy tickets) generosity of my husband.

It gets even better. My husband researched the local restaurants and took me out for my favorite meal before the recital: a burger and sweet potato fries. That, my classy friends, is how it’s done. True love in action.


Why am I writing about a burger and the best soprano in the world on a blog about barrenness?


Because, dear readers, even a barren woman can have a really good day.