First Mother’s Day

Mother Watching BabyA Mother’s Day reflection from a sister in Christ:

“How exciting, your first Mother’s Day,” they say.  After many years of hoping for children, we welcomed our daughter last summer.  We are grateful for this new life given to us.  So why do I have a similar anxiety about this upcoming holiday that I had during all those years we struggled to conceive?  Afterall, our baby girl is now here.  It’s now my turn to celebrate, right?

I started to look at the print, television, and radio advertisements for Mother’s Day, and it doesn’t take long to add it all up. Take a look…

“Save on what Mom really needs.”

“Make it about Mom.”

“Give her what she deserves.”

“How to love yourself on Mother’s Day.”

“Say ‘I love mom’ with these items.”

“It’s all about Mom.”

Aha, the wordly trinity of me, Me, and ME!  A celebration without Christ is a celebration that fades with all things of this world.  The devil would prefer that I personally take credit for all of the good gifts God has given me.  This includes a child and the abilities God has given me to care for her.  It is not on account of my ability that I have these gifts, but God’s grace.  He works all things for the good of His kingdom, and we thank You, Lord, for this vocation of motherhood.

Thank you, Lord, for the sacrifice of your son Jesus Christ that we may not boast in our abilities, but in all things recognize You are the great provider humbly working in and through us.

Adrienne Rasmussen
Wife, mother, daughter, and your sister in Christ