Sometimes, You Just Gotta Laugh

MP900289863Last night, I chatted on the phone with an eighty-plus-year-old friend of mine who lives in an assisted living home. She is an avid reader and recently read a copy of He Remembers the Barren.

“Katie, I think your book applies to more than just barrenness.”

“Yes,” I said, “I think so, too. You can replace the word barren with almost any type of suffering, and the same message of Christ’s comfort applies.”

“I just had no idea about all of this. I’m letting a friend of mine borrow the book. She had two miscarriages when she was younger.”

This is not the first time my book has made the rounds in an assisted living facility, and I love it.

“Now,” my friend stumbled a bit on the next words, “I do not mean to get too personal, but…”

“Go ahead. You can say anything to me.”

“Yes, okay. Well, have you heard of a procedure called ‘blowing out your tubes’?”

Oh, how I covered my mouth!

“A friend of mine had that done,” she continued, “and it worked.”

I was still holding my mouth to keep rude noises from escaping. After a deep, calming breath, I risked exposure and lifted my hand. “Yes, I have heard of that. My doctor said my tubes are all clear. No blowing out is required.”

“Oh, well, good.” She hesitated. I pictured her practicing saying certain words out loud in her head before attempting a launch. “Now, there is also a cough syrup you can take that will lubricate your sexual organs. You know when you go to the bathroom and…”

And I will spare you the rest of the sordid details, but, let me tell you, I had to hold the riotous giggles in my mouth with my hand for the rest of the conversation.