It’s easy to forget about barrenness during VBS week. Maybe it’s because there’s no time to think about it. Maybe it’s because there is such joy in helping parents in their own vocation of raising children in the Faith.

Or, maybe it’s because the kids can’t help but pour out their love, attention, and special brand of affection on whomever is taking care of them at the moment.

Here is a splash of some of that special brand I received this year:

“I want a kiss. No, on the lips.” Mr. Dumpling

“God has three persons!” Adorable Blonde Boy

“Hey, those are the same clothes you wore yesterday!” Miss Precocious repeatedly yelled out to me during the opening song. (Hey, I was only given one decal.)

“God is one!” Same Adorable Blonde Boy

(singing) “‘Only thou art holy; there is none beside me.'” Mr. Summer Tan

“What’s on your forehead?” Miss Wrinkles-Her-Nose (It was sweat.)

(silent, stoic high-five every time a song ends) Miss Teeny-Tiny

“She’s going swimming!” Mr. Not-Correct’s response to the question of why the missionary we were supporting was going to Cameroon.

“Are you going to get punched in the face?” Miss Teeny-Tiny finally spoke aloud to me in the middle of a song the final day of VBS. (She was mistaking me for the lady who was going to get a pie in the face if the kids raised enough money for the missionary through their daily offerings.)

“He’s a big, blue, powerful God.” Mr. Not-Quite-Right

“I can spell VBS.” Cutie Patutie with Curls (And she could.)