Why Me?

MP900382674When asking God the question “Why me?” in regards to my suffering, I replace the clear promises of God in the Bible with a false expectation for something which God’s Word doesn’t actually promise.

I am not promised success or wealth or happiness or health or easy living or children. I deserve none of these things. My goodness is as filthy rags, and God owes me nothing good in return.

Only because God is good Himself does He graciously promise and grant me forgiveness and salvation and peace and my daily bread. In fact, He is so good and wise that He also promises and grants me suffering and fatherly discipline and the refiner’s fire.

“Why me?”

Because I’m baptized into Christ to die with Him and live again. Because I’m loved. Because my Father in heaven keeps me, a dumb sheep prone to stray, from wandering away from the flock. Because the Bible tells me so.

The Bible tells you so, too.