Emancipation Proclamation Decimation

America is still in the slave market, and it’s called third-party reproduction.

With enough money, American citizens can go out and buy every ingredient on the “How to Make a Baby” recipe and create their own person to love and to cherish and to, well, to grade and to abuse and to legally discriminate and to throw away and to terminate and to deny any personal right to gamete donor information. We as a nation no longer sail across the ocean to capture and enslave human beings. We simply do it right here in a petri dish in the land of the free and the brave.

“IVF is the new cotton gin,” writes Alana S. Newman in her recent article The Mother-Free Money Tree. “Let’s learn from history and kick this before it takes us to the terrible places we once were.”

Yes, let’s.

But, be ready, friends. “[T]he rights of children are in direct conflict with the agenda of the fertility industry and its clients,” (Newman) so this is going to be an uphill battle. Yet, fight we must, because third-party reproduction is human trafficking only on a much bigger, legally-sanctioned scale.

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