At Least

There are two words a barren woman loathes to hear:

At least you don’t have children and can do whatever you want.”

At least you don’t have to pay for babysitting.”

At least you’re young and have lots of time to have children.”

At least you have one child. That’s better than nothing.”

At least you won’t have to wait long to adopt. I mean, who wouldn’t want you to parent their child?”

At least now you know you can get pregnant.” (after losing a child through miscarriage)

These two, little words do the opposite of what you expect. They sting rather than soothe. They set up a natural comparison between God’s divinely distributed gifts which more often than naught leads the listener to covet rather than to be content. Even when these two words are offered with the best of intentions, they still man-handle the listener into seeing the world from the speaker’s perspective, and no one feels comforted after being face locked, gorilla pressed, and clover leafed.

All in favor of scrapping this phrase from interpersonal communications, raise your hand?