Filled to Overflowing

Peter (of the Bible) was a professional fisherman.  He knew what to do to fill his nets, but he had a problem.  He had spent the entire night out on the sea and caught nothing.  He had done all he could and still came up with an empty net.

Along came his good friend Jesus, who told him to cast his net on the other side of his boat.  What – the other side of the boat?  How much difference can there be?

And yet Peter obeyed.  Immediately the net was overflowing with fish.  Immediately.  How I wish I could have seen Peter’s face.  He must have been floored.  The Lord filled the net with good things and all good things.

Jesus gives me only good things, too.  I have tried to conceive a child.  I’ve taken test after test and popped my share of pills.  My best efforts were still not good enough because I am sinful.  I still came up with an empty womb.  Rather, the Lord opens His hands and graciously gives – when and where He wills.  He has already given to me the very best things.  I have received His name in Holy Baptism.  I have received the forgiveness of my dreadful sins through His Body and Blood.  I have heard through my ears the Absolution of sins forgiven.  The gifts of eternal life and salvation are mine – not through my own merits but through Jesus Christ, my Lord God and Savior.

Like Peter, my best works aren’t good enough.  My sinful body proves it.  Jesus, however, is good, and He is more than enough.  He fills and satisfies.  On my own, I will certainly come up empty-handed, but I know with certainty that Jesus does what is best for me.  He fills my life with gifts that are too numerous to count.  May we all be given faith to trust in the Lord’s mercy, just as Peter learned to do, and to receive God’s gifts with thanksgiving.