“Entrust Your Days and Burdens”

Paul Gerhardt’s hymns speak straight to the heart of the cross-bearer. For this reason, they are excellent resources to memorize.

When next you are called to do battle against worry, doubt, and anxiety in your barrenness, pull stanzas 2, 3, and 4 of “Entrust Your Days and Burdens” out of your arsenal. Actually, pull them all out.

Entrust your days and burdens
To God’s most loving hand;
He cares for you while ruling
The sky, the sea, the land.
For He who guides the tempests
Along their thund’rous ways
Will find for you a pathway
And guide you all your days.

Rely on God your Savior
And find your life secure.
Make His work your foundation
That your work may endure.
No anxious thought, no worry,
No self-tormenting care
Can win your Father’s favor;
His heart is moved by prayer.

Take heart, have hope, my spirit,
And do not be dismayed;
God helps in every trial
And makes you unafraid.
Await His time with patience
Through darkest hours of night
Until the sun you hoped for
Delights your eager sight.

Leave all to His direction;
His wisdom rules for you
In ways to rouse your wonder
At all His love can do.
Soon He, His promise keeping,
With wonder-working pow’rs
Will banish from your spirit
What gave you troubled hours.

O blesséd heir of heaven,
You’ll hear the song resound
Of endless jubilation
When you with life are crowned.
In your right hand your maker
Will place the victor’s palm,
And you will thank Him gladly
With heaven’s joyful psalm.

Our hands and feet, Lord, strengthen;
With joy our spirits bless
Until we see the ending
Of all our life’s distress.
And so throughout our lifetime
Keep us within Your care
And at our end then bring us
To heav’n to praise You there.

“Entrust Your Days and Burdens” (Lutheran Service Book, 754)

Young Choir Members Singing