Day of Salvation

I walked into the Life Center of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Peoria, IL, last night and found this sitting at my place setting.

IMG_2114 copy

“Do you know why that’s there?” Sandy asked.

I nodded my head and wrapped my arms around my godmother.

Later that evening, when I stood up to speak to the Women of Redeemer gathered together for their 11th annual kickoff event, I was given the chance to share the good news with all of them.

“Exactly thirty-five years ago today,” I explained, “my family drove to Redeemer Lutheran Church in Peoria, Illinois, in a bit of a frenzy. You see, we were running late. My mama had just fed me a healthy breakfast of mother’s milk, and I, in grateful return, had filled my diaper moments before leaving for church.

I suppose my parents could have just stuffed me in the car and hoped for the best, but September 10, 1978, was not just any Sunday. It was my day of salvation, and I was dressed for the occasion. My pink, plump skin was packaged in baptismal white, and my mama knew better than to risk a stain.

So, the Church waited for me. You waited…and then you stayed to witness my rebirth into Christ through water and the Word, and I thank you. Thank you, Women of Redeemer, for standing up that morning and proclaiming to me God’s true nature in the Apostles Creed and praying over me Jesus’ own words in the Lord’s Prayer. Thank you for witnessing my Baptism and for continuing to pray for me all these years as you promised. I was made a Christian in your midst, and it is such a privilege to come home and speak to you today.”

What a blessing it was to celebrate my baptismal birthday with the very women who witnessed my Day of Salvation. Thank you, Women of Redeemer.

Thank you, Sandy.